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Catarare in zona Buzaului langa focul viu

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Ne-a fost dor de escalada cu Marius si iata ca si-a pastrat liber in septembrie, un weekend ca sa evadam impreuna!

La numai 3 ore de mers cu masina, Bratilesti ne rezerva un spot nou de catarare cu o zona de campare apropiata de stanca. Marius a propus sa lucram tehnica de bouldering de aceasta data.

Daca-ti place catarare la stanca si esti iubitor de natura, vei descoperi un loc unic si deosebit!

Numarul maxim de participanti : 12


We missed climbing with Marius and here he kept free in September, a weekend to escape together!

At only 3 hours away by car, Bratilesti reserves us a new climbing spot with a camping area near the rock. Marius proposed to work on the bouldering technique this time.

If you like rock climbing and you are a nature lover, you will discover a unique and special place!

Maximum number of participants: 12

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Petrecem toata ziua la faleza, timp indeajuns pentru fiecare sa catere pe trasee variate si pentru a socializa in perioadele de repaos. 


Pentru cei mai putin experimentati:

  • despre siguranta in escalada,
  • cum sa ne asiguram in coarda,
  • cum sa-i asiguram pe ceilalti in timp ce catara,
  • metode de a catara corect.

Pentru cei mai experimentati:

  •  cum se instaleaza/dezinstaleaza un traseu,
  • exersam si discutam cu instructorul nesigurantele noastre.


We spend the whole day at the cliff, long enough for every climber to try on various trails and socialize during rest periods.

We learn:
For the less experienced ones:
– about climb safety,
– how to secure ourselves in the rope,
– how to secure others while climbing,
– methods to climb in the correct way.

For the intermediate and advanced ones:
– how to install / uninstall a route,
– practice and discuss with our instructor about our insecurities.

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Escalada este un mod extraordinar de a crea o balanta interioara echilibrata si pe stanca NU AI NEVOIE DE EXPERIENTA ANTERIOARA. Aceasta disciplina te soate din zona de confort intalnind provocari cum este frica de moarte, incredere in alta persoana, incredere in sine si reglarea/impingerea limitei pe care ne-o insusim cu senzatii pana si fizic uneori: „nu pot face asta”, „nu mai pot rezista”. Aceste mesaje ne sunt trimise de catre mintea care nu gaseste utilitatea sa te pui in situatii asimilate de ea ca fiind periculoase pentru ca nu gandeste la potentialul dobandirii de dupa experienta noua.

Avantajele escaladei la stanca:

  • incredere de sine si in puterea interioara
  • conectarea cu natura si cu puterea pietrei
  • constientizarea propriului echilibru intr-un spatiu vertical
  • imbunatateste antentia distributiva (ai grija de tine si de mediu inconjurator in acelasi timp)
  • creste potential de incredere in altii (esti asigurat de instructor in timp ce te cateri…nu depinde numai de tine)
  • tratament pentru cine are nevoie de control ;o)
  • afina in timp musculatura, deveniind astfel mai frumoasa si creste forta

Avantajele sa faci asta cu noi:

  • daca nu reusesti sa te imprietenesti cu noi, esti tare incapatanat! ?
  • cantam ziua, seara la instrumente acustice si poti sa le descoperi in toata libertate!
  • daca esti incordat, Seb iti ofera masaj
  • vei avea parte de o atmosfera si un sentiment relaxant cum nu intalnesti in alte parti


YOU DON’T NEED ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE to learn and enjoy directly in the nature.

Rock climbing is an extraordinary way to create an inner balance.

This discipline takes you out of from the comfort zone, meeting challenges such as fear of death, trust in another person, self-confidence, and adjusting/pushing the limit we feel with physical and mental limitations: “I cannot do that, I don’t have enough energy/muscles“. These messages are sent to us by our mind that does not find useful to put yourself in such situations. It is perceived by the brain as dangerous because it does not think about the potential to acquire new experience.

Advantages of Rock Climbing:
– self-confidence and inner strength
– connecting with nature and the power of the stone

– awareness of your own balance in a vertical space
– Improves distributive attention (care for yourself and the environment at the same time)
– increases confidence in others (you are secured by the instructor while you are climbing…so you will not be alone in this!)
– treatment for various back problems
– the muscles become more beautiful and stronger

The benefits of doing this with us:
– if you fail to make friends with us, you must be really stubborn! ?
– we sing and play instruments during the day and in the evening and you can discover them in all
– if you are strained, Seb offers you massage
– you will have a relaxing atmosphere as you do not meet in other parts

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– Cort, sac de dormit, izopren (Daca nu ai, anunta-ne ca sa te ajutam)
– Daca nu ai echipament de escalada poti inchiria de la sala  de escalada cu care colaboram sau prin noi (vezi la optionale)
– provizii (mancare+bautura) pentru cele doua zile
– Haine adecvate (pantaloni de munte, geaca impermeabila, polar, bluza windstopper, etc.)
– Accesorii: buff, fular, sapca
– Rucsac mic
– Lanterna frontala
– Termos cu ceai cald (recomandat)
– Punga pentru gunoi
– Haine de schimb suplimentare
– Aparat foto


– Tent, sleeping bag, isoprene (If you do not have them, let us know to help you)
– If you do not have climbing equipment you can rent from the climbing room we work with or through us (see the cost at optional)
– Supplies + beverage for the two days
– Appropriate clothing (mountain trousers, waterproof jacket, polar, windstopper jacket, etc.)
– Accessories: buff, scarf, cap
– Small backpack
– Front light
– Thermos with warm tea (recommended)
– Bags for garbage
– Additional exchange clothes
– Photo Camera

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Instructorii cu care obisnuim sa mergem sunt toti experimentati si foarte de gasca. Marius, Iulian si Nicu sunt oamenii minunati cu care am ales sa lucram pentru a initia, progresa si chiar sa ne bucuram de escalada. Unul dintre ei va fi intotdeauna prezent pentru a asigura siguranta evadatilor.


The instructors we usually hire are all experienced and very kind. Marius, Iulian and Nicu are wonderful people with whom we have been choosing to work to initiate, progress, and even enjoy climbing. One of them will always be present to ensure the safety of the escapes.

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Evadeaza Cu Noi nu percepe taxa pentru organizare din data de 27.07.2018. Este totusi important sa stii ca langa pretul pentru eveniment, exista o donatie de 50 lei pentru Fondul pentru copii de achitat o data pe luna cand doresti sa evadezi. Vezi mai multe detalii pe pagina MUSAI DE CITIT.

Achita pana pe 15 august pentru a prinde early bird: 150 lei pentru 2 zile de escalada in natura cu instructor.

Dupa 15 august, adauga 50 lei. 5 zile inainte de evadare se inchid inscrierile.

Grup maximum 12 evadati, minimum 5 pentru a pastra pretul anuntat.

…si ce este inclus in pret: 

  • 2 zile de escalada in natura
  • 1 instructor de escalada experimentat
  • echipament de escalada: corzi de escalada, sisteme de filare, carabiniere, bucle
  • drumul si mancarea organizatorului
  • atmosfera de comunitate si relaxarea pe care o primeste obligatoriu fiecare evadat :o))

Nu sunt incluse :
– participarea la fondul pentru copii;
– mancarea;
– drumul;
– echipamentul de campare;
– espadrile, ham, casca. Daca ai nevoie, musai sa ne anunti din timp.

N-ai masina? Iti gasim loc intr-o masina din gasca si daca este necesar, inchiriam o masina si impartim costurile.

Nu ai cort sau alt echipament de campare si nu vrei sa-l cumperi?
Inchiriem cort + isopren 50 lei pentru intreaga perioada si sac de dormit 30 lei pentru intreaga perioada.



150 lei for 2 days of rock climbing in nature with instructor if you pay until the 15th of August- Early bird.

After the 15th of August, add 50 lei. 5 days before the escape we close the subscriptions.

Escape With Us does not perceive money to organise events. However, it is important to know that besides the price for the event, there is a donation of 50 lei for the Children’s Fund to be paid once a month when you want to escape. See the details below at MUSAI DE CITIT.

– 2 days of climbing in nature
– 2 nights of chillout with the funny group with acoustic instruments to test and learn
– 1 experienced rock climbing instructor and a super group of people
– climbing equipement: climbing ropes, spinning systems, carabiners, climbing loops

– transportation and food for the organizer
– an atypical and very welcoming atmosphere

Not incuded:
Transportation, meals, climbing and camping equipement and contribution to raising funds for children are not included and can be found

you don’t have a car? We’ll find you a seat in another climber’s car and, if necessary, rent a car and
share the expenses.

If you need camping equipement:
Tent + isoprene rental 50 lei for the whole period
Sleeping bag rental 30 lei for the whole period

English below

Din data de 27.07.2018, pentru ca se schimba complet modul de functionare a brandului nostru, citeste atent urmatoarele randuri:

  1. Evadeaza Cu Noi isi propune sa ajute copii printr-o finantare automata provenita din donatiile evadatilor. Ele vor fi echivalentul unui abonament platit o data pe luna care iti deschide accesul evadarilor. Donatia de 50 lei se va face o singura data pe luna si perioada ei de valabilitate se va incheia la sfarsitul lunii legat de evadare la care ai participat. Toti banii vor fi redirectionati catre evenimente formatoare si experientiale pentru copii din centre de plasament sau catre alti copii cu nevoii. Nu vom realiza nici-un castig de pe urmele sumelor stranse pentru fondul acesta.
  2. Sumele stranse si cheltuite sunt indicate pe pagina FONDURI PENTRU COPII
  3. Sebastien Froux, omul din spatele brandului Evadeaza Cu Noi se angajeaza sa organizeze toate evenimentele fara adaos.
  4. Fiecare participant este liber sa aprecieze valoarea experientelor traite impreuna; prima experienta, bucuria activitatii traite, peisaje deosebite descoperite, oameni frumosi intalniti. Ce conteaza pentru noi este sa primesti experiente aparte si sa atingem ceva in tine.
  5. Inscrierile se fac pana la 5 zile inainte de eveniment. Mai tarziu, ne rezervam dreptul de a nu mai primi inscrieri.
  6. Plata avansului pentru a te inscrie la o evadare nu este returnabila, nici transferabila catre alta evadare. Ai acceptat aceasta clauza din momentul in care ai achitat avansul.
  7. Daca anulam o evadare, suma integrala reprezentand avansul minus costurile de transfer vor fi returnati. Aceasta clauza nu mai este valabila daca retragerea ta a provocat anularea evenimentului.
  8. Ne rezervam dreptul de modifica zonele de desfasurare a unei evadari in cazul in care:
    • conditiile meteorologice se modifica si nu mai sunt propice desfasurarii evenimentului;
    • intervin schimbari dincolo de vointa echipei care necesita sa actionam in acest sens.
  9. Ne angajam sa comunicam imediat modificarile stabilite de echipa EvadeazaCuNoi.


Since 27.07.2018, because our brand’s functionality changes completely, read carefully the following rows:

  1. Escape With Us aims to help children through automatic donation from escape donations. They will be the equivalent of a subscription that opens your escapes access. The donation of 50 lei will be done once a month and its validity period will end at the end of the escaping month you participated in. All money will be redirected to training and experiential events for children from placement centers or other needy children. We will not make any gains on the trail of funds raised for this fund.
  2. The amounts collected and spent are shown on the FUND FOR CHILDREN page
  3. Sebastien Froux, the man behind the Escape With Us brand, is committed to organize all the events making no benefits.
  4. Each participant is free to appreciate the value of the experiences lived together; first experience, the joy of lived activity, great landscapes discovered, beautiful people met. What matters to us is to get special experiences and touch something in you.
  5. Entries are made up to 5 days before the event. Later, we reserve the right to no longer receive subscriptions.
  6. The advance payment to sign up for an escape is not refundable or transferable to another escape. You have accepted this clause since you sent the advance.
  7. If we cancel an escape, the full amount of the advance minus the transfer costs will be refunded. This clause is no longer valid if your withdrawal caused the event to be canceled.
  8. We keep the right to modify areas where an escape occurs if:
    • weather conditions change and are no longer conducive to the event;
    • there are changes beyond the will of the team that require action in this respect.
  9. We are committed to immediately communicating changes made by the Escape With Us team.


Start: 27/09/2019 @ 18:00
End: 29/09/2019 @ 17:00
Cost: 150Lei
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Bratilesti, Romania

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  • Vineri seara plecam din Bucuresti si ne asezam corturile in zona de campare la sosire.
  • Sambata si duminica, cataram toata ziua.
  • Serile, le petrecem in jurul unui foc povestind, jucand varcolaci sau pur si simplu priviind stelele.
  • Duminica, plecam inapoi spre Bucuresti si mancam o ultima masa la restaurant inainte de a ne intoarce la casele noastre.


Sebastien Froux – primul evadat
Phone: (+40) 752 032 032
Povestea mea: Cine sunt
Marius Luca – instructor de escalada – colaborator